Riptide is a set of tools to manage development environments for web applications. It’s using container virtualization tools, such as Docker to run all services needed for a project.

It’s goal is to be easy to use by developers. Riptide abstracts the virtualization in such a way that the environment behaves exactly as if you were running it natively, without the need to install any other requirements the project may have.

Hello World!

A simple hello world web service:

# riptide.yml
  name: hello-world
  src: .
    name: hello-world
        image: strm/helloworld-http
        port: 80
        run_as_current_user: false
          - main

To setup the project run:

# Setup project
riptide setup
# Start Riptide Proxy

After the setup head over to http://hello-world.riptide.local (assuming you are using the default configuration and DNS is set up). The Service will auto-start and after that you will be greeted with the message: Hello from hello_world.

Riptide config files

If you need to edit the Riptide configuration files, here are the paths on where to find them:

  • Linux: ~/.config/riptide
  • Windows: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\riptide
  • Mac: /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/riptide